DIY iPad Wall Mount Video Guide

iPort Control Mount For iPad 2 or 3

iPort Control Wall Mount For iPad 2nd-4th Generation

The iPort Control Wall Mount allows for your ¬†iPad 2-4th generation to be used as an in-wall touch panel providing continuous charging and allowing a connection to a locally available Wi-Fi network. Securely Mounted Your iPad will be securely mounted in the iPort Control wall Mount for iPad in an attractive and discreet bezel which […]

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iPad Mini On Wall Mount Silver

Simple iPad Mini On Wall Mount

The simple iPad Mini on wall mount is designed to be installed on the surface of the wall, rather than in it. This is ideal for retro fit applications or for solid brick walls where you can’t fit a fully flush mount. Precision Each¬†simple iPad Mini on wall mount is precision honed from a solid […]

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iPad Mini In Wall Mount

Simple iPad Mini In Wall Mount

The Simple iPad Mini in wall mount is a cost effective in wall mount solution that will look great in your home. iPad Minis are often installed in the wall for home cinema and home automation applications. Since home automation has become more affordable a lot of systems revolve around iPad control, so what better […]

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