This site started when I had a need for a decent quality but low-cost in wall iPad mount for a customer.

We’re an online retailer helping people with home audio, automation and entertainment systems. A lot of customers want their iPad’s installed in a wall to control their systems but don’t want to pay the high prices of some on the market.

There are a few on the market, but they vary in quality, styles and costs. I found it quite difficult at the time to find something that fitted the bill. So this site is simply designed to help point you in the right direction.


What is an iPad Wall Mount?


Quite simply, it’s a permanent or semi-permanent location to place your iPad ready for use. They are often referred to as iPad docks, iPad mounts or iPad brackets.

Some in wall iPad mounts have charging abilities, some are quick and easy to remove. Some iPad docks are completely secure ideal for commercial use!


Why would I want my iPad docked in my wall?


Simply for quick and easy access to apps, most commonly for home automation and entertainment usage!

In my years in the industry we have watched the trend change from expensive in wall control panels for home automation systems such as Control 4, Elan G!, Crestron etc to change to utilising iPad’s, iPods and iPhones instead.

An in wall iPad mount can be bought and installed for much less than one of the above screens.


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